Oak Park Public Housing Revitalizes Paso Robles

HUD’s Edge Online Magazine (November 2012) includes article on affordable housing revitalization in Paso Robles, California:

In 2011, Paso Robles adopted its Uptown / Town Centre Specific Plan, which envisions the transformation of these neighborhoods with compact, pedestrian friendly mixed-use development. An important part of this vision is the revitalization and renovation of the aged Oak Park Public Housing complex, which will replace 148 existing units and add 154 units for a total of 302 new affordable housing units. …Built in 1941 by the former U.S. Public Housing Administration (PHA), Oak Park was designed as wartime housing; an insular military barracks for Camp Roberts Army personnel. The Paso Robles Housing Authority (PRHA) received the project from PHA in 1953 and has since operated Oak Park as low-income housing for Paso Robles residents.

Link to article: http://www.huduser.org/portal/pdredge/pdr_edge_inpractice_110512.html