HCD Funded Program Receives Award

The California State Association of Counties selected the Glenn County Community Re-Entry Work Program (CREW) as the most innovative project in the state for the year.

The State of California’s 2011 Public Safety Realignment Legislation (Assembly Bill 109) mandates returning non-violent parolees from the state correctional system to the county level and limiting the ability of counties to send offenders to state prison. For rural counties with fewer resources and support networks, this presents considerable challenges for impacted communities.

CREW was conceived to address these challenges collaboratively, bringing together multiple agencies and services throughout Glenn County. Combining efforts from county Social Services, Community Action, Education, Behavioral Health, community organizations, and Probation Department, the primary goal for CREW was to assist the re-entry population in returning to the community. This includes helping them access stable housing and food, as well as providing job counseling, work site placement, attaining education and case management, in order to help them return to the workforce.

CREW finished its initial year as a pilot program in June 2012, and the results were impressive. Of the ten participants followed in the pilot program, eight had completed successfully. With the results of 50% of the participants becoming gainfully employed, and 20%  in the process of starting their own businesses. California’s recidivism rate at approximately 65% statewide. The CREW program has had an 80% success rate with the re-entry population and only a 20% recidivism rate during the pilot program.

Congratulations C.R.E.W.!